Neutrino SWAP Series SWaP+C Optimized HOT FPA MWIR Camera Module

The Neutrino LC and newly-released Neutrino SX8 provide best-in-class MWIR imagery and data in a small, lightweight package. Based on Teledyne FLIR’s High Operating Temperature (HOT) FPA technology, SWaP series camera modules are designed for ruggedized products requiring long life, low-power consumption, and quiet, low-vibration operation. Both are ideal for small gimbals and airframes, handheld devices, security cameras, targeting devices, and asset monitoring applications.

  • VGA and SXGA formats in comparable SWaP envelope
  • ITAR Free
  • Linear cooler offers low power & quick cool-down time necessary for handheld devices

The Neutrino SWaP Series is simply the best technical solution available. With nearly

off-the-shelf delivery (ITAR free), industry-leading two-year warranty, real price

competitiveness and well-known product support and product reliability, it also

offers the lowest risk solution. The Neutrino SWaP is an OEM camera module that is

intended to be integrated into a higher level system.


  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
  • Counter-UAS
  • Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR)
  • Ground ISR & Security
  • Military Dismount Systems
  • Targeting