Boson+ CZ 14-75 High Performance, Uncooled, Longwave Infrared (LWIR) OEM Thermal Camera Module

Made in the USA, and ITAR-free, the Boson+ CZ 14-75 combines Teledyne FLIR’s Boson+ world-class longwave infrared (LWIR) OEM camera module and 5x continuous zoom (CZ) lens offering a high–performance imaging solution. It features an industry-leading thermal sensitivity of ≤20 mK and an upgraded automatic gain control (AGC) filter delivering dramatically enhanced scene contrast and sharpness. The high-performance lens and control electronics maintain focus through zoom and provide real-time thermal gradient compensation as well as flexibility for user-defined command syntax and expansion for additional features.

The Boson+ camera module and 14 mm to 75 mm CZ lens are designed for each other, providing optimal performance and a single system warranty only achievable from a single source. The factory-integrated system lowers development and manufacturing risk and improves time-to-market, making the reliable Boson+ CZ 14-75 ideal for unmanned aerial vehicles, perimeter surveillance, light armored vehicle situational awareness and targeting, and soldier sighting systems.

  • Market-Leading Thermal Sensitivity, Contrast, And Latency
    NEDT of ≤20 mK extends detection, recognition, and identification (DRI) performance
  • Seamless Optomechanical Integration
    Camera and lens factory-designed to optimize performance and cost
  • Designed For Integrators
    Advanced control electronics, hardware, and integration support simplify integration and maximize reliability